…all five… a true story |Review |



Publisher: Michael Terence Publishing


Publication Date: June 7th 2017


Format: Paperback


Pages : 144



The idyllic relationship between Dorian and Iva is darkened by the news of Iva’s terminal illness.
A few months later Dorian’s whole family goes missing and it brings the locals to whisper: ‘How could anybody be so unlucky?’
But it’s not long before the police realise that sometimes the word ‘unlucky’ means ‘guilty’.

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My Review : 


I picked up this book knowing it’s a true story, but then it turned out it’s a story about a serial killer “ Dorian ” who did horrible things other than just killing, I’m all for dark stories so i enjoyed this one.

“When the sun falls behind the horizon and evening shadows come out to play, evil takes over” 

as the story began they all seemed as a big perfectly happy family, until you realize what happens behind closed doors isn’t so pretty..

This was a fast read, I’m a fan of Karolina’s writing because it’s simple and easy to get into
It was a compelling story because it pushed me to sympathize with something i know is wrong on so many levels, yet i couldn’t help but try to understand the character of Dorian more 
He is my favorite character because he is very twisted and hard to understand

I liked the characters but there wasn’t a lot of depth into them , So i wish we had more pages to get to know Dorian more because he’s interesting, I didn’t mind not knowing more about the others because this is more about his story

The story had many interesting twisted events, from taboo subjects to sickness and crime, along with many horrifying deaths so it’s impossible to be bored while reading it, i finished it in a couple of hours.

” What do you say about yourself when you feel the demons taking over you? Is there no way of stopping them? “ 

Overall : It’s a nice fun story that I enjoyed

The real serial killer referred to in this story is Mindaugas Daunoras


you can find his story Here



Have you read a book about a real serial killer before? what are your favorite serial killer stories ?

( If you like serial killer story try watching the American Horror Story hotel season, I loved it!)


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